Hello and welcome to the Melody Rose Gift Registry.

Creating a Gift Registry at Melody Rose is quite simple.
Please contact us at registry@melodyrose.co.uk or Melanie Roseveare on +44 7984 166227 anytime for help

  1. Please register an account or log in to your account if you’re already registered (gift registries don’t work for users who are not logged in)   
  2. Browse to any product in the Melody Rose shop and click on the ADD TO GIFT REGISTRY link
  3. Remember to name your Gift Registry with the name of the person or people, the event name and event date
    • Here’s an example name for a wedding registry list: John and Jane Smith’s Wedding 16 June 2022
  4. You can choose to make your list public, private or available to only people you share your registry with via the link
  5. Share your gift registry list in social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter) or via e-mail. Please note that if your list is private, only you can see it
  6. Your guests will follow the links to purchase items for you  
  7. Once a guest buys you an item from your registry, you’ll receive e-mail notifications regarding purchased gifts  
  8. Your gifts will be delivered directly to you at the address you have registered within 2-3 weeks of your event date
  9. Don’t forget you can contact us for help at any time on registry@melodyrose.co.uk or call Melanie Roseveare on +44 7984 166227.

If you are logged in you will see your gift registries below:

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