Product Care

Fine Bone China

We recommend washing by hand.  Avoid the use of metal scourers or abrasive detergents. Do not put in microwave.

It is possible to use the dishwasher for pieces finished in our new Burnished Gold but we recommend the following care:

Please use a delicate or china cycle. Avoid hot dry cycle.   The recommended dishwasher temperature for china is maximum 60⁰ C. Using higher temperatures or overdosing on detergent will cause deterioration to the glazed finish or damage any decoration on the product.

Stack carefully so that items are not touching. Do not overload. Always use good quality wash and rinse aids, a gel or liquid is advisable.

Removing Stains

In case of stubborn stains, soaking the china in a bleach solution for up to an hour should remove any discolouration.

For a more natural approach you can use bicarbonate of soda, just  mix the bicarbonate with a small amount of water to form a paste, coat the surface of the china and leave for 1-2 hours. Use a damp cloth to firmly wipe away the bicarbonate and any stains should be removed in a few simple wipes.

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