Melody Rose for the Wallace

Introducing our exclusive series of collaborations with one of Europe’s leading art museums – The Wallace Collection in Marylebone, London.

The first collection ‘Temptation’ is inspired by one of the museum’s superb Old Masters paintings The Temptation of St Hillarion – a 19th Century painting by French artist Dominique-Louis-Féréol Papety. In the painting, St Hillarion is seen living as a hermit and appears to subsist on a diet of root vegetables and water which may have caused him to have hallucinations – namely a visit by a topless seductress offering cascading fruits, wine and a sultry look.

‘The Saddle Plates Series’ features iconography from a decoratively carved fifteenth century European saddle in the Wallace’ Armouries collection. The design reimagines the romantic theme and poetic verse across four beautiful collectable bone china plates.

‘The Swing’ pays homage to one of the museum’s most popular paintings, The Swing, by 18th century artist, Jean-Honoré Fragonard. Designer Melanie Roseveare has taken this historic imagery out of the prestigious gallery and into the home, where it can be enjoyed every day on both fine china and velvet cushion. A second series of The Swing bone china coffee mug and velvet cushion has been commissioned featuring the newly restored painting timed to be introduced for the Museum’s exhibition ‘Inspiring Walt Disney’ in April 2022.

Lastly, The Francois Boucher Collection is based on paintings in the museum by the artist including ‘The Rising of the Sun’, originally commission by Madame de Pompadour.

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